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FileWave 101: An Introduction to FileWave

In this Introductory Series on FileWave, we'll look at all of the features the FileWave product provides.  We'll review terminology, discuss capabilities, and generally review why FileWave is such an excellent solution!

Teacher: Sean Holden

FileWave 201: TeamViewer - Remote Control of Devices

FileWave 14.7+ brings TeamViewer integration for remote management of all device types; replacing the previously built-in option which only managed computers.

FileWave 201: Computer Management

The FileWave Computer Management 201 level course is a course for system administrators who manage Mac and PC devices on a daily basis.  We'll look at all things computer in this course, from deploying clients to gathering inventory, and from license management to fileset deployment.  You won't want to miss it!

FileWave 201: Computer Imaging

This 201 level course has been developed to support system administrators who are responsible for imaging Mac and Windows devices in their environments.  We'll discuss all of the different imaging options, best practices, and give plenty of good, practical examples.

FileWave 201: Mobile Device Management

The 201 level MDM is the course where you will find all information on managing a mobile device estate.  We'll be looking at app licensing & distribution, configuration profile creation & deployment, as well as integrating with the various Apple and Google framework programs. 

FileWave 201: Android EMM

This course is tailored specifically for environments that are only using FileWave to manage Android devices through the Google Android EMM API.

FileWave 201: Odds & Ends

This particular course is something of a catch-all for items that are perhaps related to, but not directly about FileWave.  You'll also find items here that just plain don't fit anywhere else.

FileWave 301: Advanced FileWave Engineering

In this highly detailed course, we'll be looking at topics beyond what a typical systems administrator might normally handle.  This class is targeted towards engineers who will be implementing, architecting, and supporting FileWave customers on a day to day basis.