Welcome to the FileWave Foundry Onboarding Course. This course will introduce you to the basic features and functions of FileWave, a powerful device management solution for business and education. You will learn how to use FileWave to manage, support, and secure devices across multiple platforms, including macOS, Windows, iOS, tvOS, Android, and ChromeOS.

The course consists of many short videos that cover different aspects of FileWave software. Most videos are between 5 and 10 minutes long and show how FileWave works with various device types. You can watch them at your own pace, and in any order you prefer. If you want to learn more about FileWave, you can also check out our main course category, FileWave Product Training / Certification, which provides deeper insights into its capabilities and benefits.

Note: Outside of the below list you will also want to view at least the overview of FileWave 201: TeamViewer - Remote Control of Devices to be complete.

FileWave Central Client View

The first port of call is the Client view.  This lists all of your devices, provides live reporting of their current status and allows grouping of devices for simplified management.

FileWave Filesets

One of the key aspects of any management is the delivery of files, installation of software, configuration, etc.  Filesets are containers of one or more of each of these and when associated will be installed, either automatically or by the user

Associations & Deployments

We have Clients, we have Filesets, now we need to link the two.  Welcome to Associations and Deployments

FileWave Boosters

Computer Filesets can be large and plentiful.  Thankfully, Boosters are here to aid deployment and make the process all that much better.


Be it new purchases of Windows devices or a requirement to refresh devices, our imaging setup is a fast, granular solution to a common task, with smart grouping of the Windows OS with driver packs. 

Apple Classroom

Apple's Classroom solution is a common choice in not only education, but businesses too.  FileWave integrates with both ASM and ABM to have devices pre-prepared or even controllable by the teacher.

Licence Management

Conforming to licence requirements, be that software, plugins, fonts, etc. is an important aspect.  FileWave's Licence Management offering keeps you abreast and reports where desired.

Custom Fields

FileWave already recalls hundreds of inventory data records, but maybe you want more.  Custom Fields extends these offerings for all device types either from scripting on computer devices or defining entries for any type of device.

FileWave Inventory Queries

From the many data points collected, along with self built Custom Fields, Inventory Queries empower you to generate reports or Smart Groups across you fleet of devices.